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Chinese Gear Motor Manufacturer’s coronavirus Prevention Solutions

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Chinese Gear Motor Manufacturer’s coronavirus Prevention Solutions

1, Strict inspection of returning staff:

I.CH establishes a register of returning employees which includes the health status of each employee and his family members, travel information during spring festival holidays. For employees who return from outside and have contact with the confirmed or suspected infection, the company implements strict isolation and observation measures. Only the health is confirmed, the worker who takes the responsibility of manufacturing small geared motor can return to work.

2, Strict plant disinfection:

Before resuming the delayed production of DC motor, I.CH thoroughly clean up the production, living, and office area. Especially in densely populated areas, key equipment such as ultrasonic cleaners, concentricity detectors, we strictly carry out disinfection and maintain good ventilation.


3, Strict closed factory management:

In the entrance and exit channels, we set up temperature detection instruments. For an outgoing and incoming personnel and vehicles, we implement information registration.

4, Strict daily protection for the employee:

As a Chinese miniature DC gear motor manufacturer, we implement a daily temperature detection system for each employee. In production areas, office areas, we set up monitoring points. For each employee, the company demand that every employee should wear a mask throughout their work. Also, washing their hands frequently and throwing abandoned masks in the designated area are required. In the process of manufacturing, every worker is more than one meter apart. For meals, we carry out the system of scattered meals.

5, Strict preparation of epidemic prevention materials:

I.CH has prepared different sorts of epidemic prevention materials such as masks, disinfectants, and medicines. At the same time, we have set up isolation and disinfection rooms.

6, Strict education on epidemic prevention and control

For improving employee’s self-protection awareness and ability, the company hangs many banners at the gate areas about epidemic protection.


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