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The Best Geared Motor Type of 2023

Automatic Awning Planet 
Gear Motor
Planet Gearbox 32mm
Ratio 1/5 ~ 1/150
Option Voltage 12V,24V
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Stepper Gear Motor
Low backlash, precise position
Voltage range 1.5V~24V
Optional PM or Hybrid Step motor
Customize metal & plastic gear motor
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Brushless Gear Motor
Low interference, low noise & long life
High-precision planet gearbox
Diameters as small as 12 mm
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Comprehensive GearMotor Design Platform

The gearmotor design platform of I.CH achieve the automatic parameter design of gear structures and solve the technological problems of the efficiency, noise and lifetime of gearboxes.

Solution Design

  Choose Motor Type and Gearbox type
  Customize gearmotor size based on equipment space

Structure Design

  Design the internal structure of the gearbox based on output speed and torque
  Choose Metal Gear or Plastic Gear for High Cost-Effectiveness

Gear Tooth Design

  Design high-efficiency gearboxes using different tooth profiles
  Spur Gear, Planetary Gear, Helical Gear is optional
  Over 90% Efficiency

Simulation Analysis

  Specialized simulation and analysis software that can calculate actual efficiency, etc

I.CH is Specialist In Gear Motor Solution

Description of Automatic Auning Electric Planet Gear Motor

32mm Planetary gearbox of 1:10 to 1:150 gear ratio. This is new compact motor for awning.
Motorised with new compact motor characterised by smaller size, simple construction, reliability and excellent performance. 
In order to grant maximum comfort the 12V electric awning can easily be opened by using the rocker switch inserted in the wall of the vehicle.

Technologies for Future Smart Home

With home automation technology constantly changing and evolving, I.CH could customize the reducer system for smart home drive products. Low Noise, Long life and high torque are most important performance, so Brushless motor with planetary gearbox is best choice. I.CH is always researching and developing our product range to offer the most innovative automation technology suitable for the smart home automation market.

Development process & Quality inspection

Both standard products and customized products have clear and mature development processes

How to install and maintain the Geared Motor

More Information You Might Want to Know

- How to choose the planetary gear motor and spur gear motor ?
  When it comes to choosing between planetary gear motors and spur gear motors, it ultimately depends on the specific application and the requirements of the task at hand.

  Planetary gear motors are known for their compact size, high torque density, and low backlash, making them a great choice for applications that require high precision and high power. They are also known for their smooth and quiet operation, which makes them ideal for applications where noise reduction is important. However, they can be more expensive than spur gear motors, and they may require more maintenance due to the more complex gear design. Moreover the high speed ratio need more stages of gearbox.

  In general, if your application requires high precision, high torque, and low noise, a planetary gear motor may be the better choice. If your application requires affordability, high speed, and efficiency, a spur gear motor may be a better fit. Ultimately, it's important to evaluate your specific needs and consult with a knowledgeable supplier or engineer to determine the best type of motor for your application.

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• Reducer Model : Planetary Gearbox compare to Neugart 
• Reducer Ratio: 1:10~1:100
• Matched Motor : Brushless DC Motor , Servo Motor and related device which need to reduce speed or enlarge torque
• Gearbox Size: 60mm 
• Application: Food Beverage, Printing, Agriculture, CNC Machine, CNC Atuomatic Tools Change
• Supplier Part Number: DP161 • Gearbox Type: Planetary Geared box • Gear Ratio:1:4~1:1014 • Electric Planetary Reducer Size: 16mm • Ball bearing of shaft bearings in most series is available. • OEM Custom modifications is available. • Application: Automatic Window Bind Motor, Medical Instrument Motor
Rated Voltage: 3V, 6V, 12V, 24V
Gearbox Diameter: 22mm
Ratio: 1/84.3 Locking Torque
• Manufacturer Part Number: D482G1 • Gearbox Type: Spur Gearbox • Gear Ratio:1:10~1:2700 • DC Gearhead Motor Voltage: 6V • DC Gear Reducer Size: 48mm • Application: Safe Box Motor, Instrument Motor


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