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As a professional motor manufacturer, we take great pride in our work and are always striving to produce the best quality products possible. This is why we are so pleased to have received the Certificate of Honor from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).This certificate is a recognition of our commitment to excellence and it is something that we will always treasure. It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, and we could not be more proud. We will continue to strive for the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction, and this certificate is a wonderful encouragement. Thank you ISO!
I.CH has been rated as a High-Tech Enterprise by the state, which is a manifestation of our company's capabilities.
High tech enterprises are those that continue to conduct research and development, transform technological achievements, and form core independent intellectual property rights in the high-tech fields supported by the state, and carry out production and operation activities based on this.
1. Promote the technological transformation of enterprises
Innovation is the fundamental driving force for enterprise development, and the policy of identifying high-tech enterprises is a guiding policy aimed at guiding enterprises to adjust their industrial structure, take the path of independent and sustainable innovation, stimulate their enthusiasm for independent innovation, and improve their technological innovation capabilities.
2. Enhancing corporate brand image
The person in charge has a strong sense of innovation, high market development ability, and management level. This indicates that the enterprise is a high growth enterprise supported by the state and has good potential economic benefits.
3. Enjoy tax reduction and preferential policies
Certified high-tech enterprises can implement a preferential tax rate of 15% (the first 25%), with a 10 point reduction in tax rate and a 40% reduction in tax amount.
4. Enhance the market value of enterprises
Prove that the enterprise has strong technological innovation and high-end technology development capabilities in this field, which is beneficial for the enterprise to explore domestic and international markets; It is an important condition for enterprises to bid.
5. Enhance the capital value of enterprises
High tech enterprises are an important condition for attracting local governments and industry organizations to implement preferential policies and financial support for enterprises, and also have the strength to attract venture capital and financial institutions, thereby promoting enterprises to quickly invest in industrial operations.


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