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Rely on I.CH: Our gearbox that fits your needs perfectly!​​​​​​​
I.CH motion focus on making a range of idea possible through use of a tractable range of parts. Our modular and flexible systems provide the right gearbox for you quickly, effectively and economically. This is how we also ensure maximum quality, cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and thus quite simply reconcile the general technical requirements of your designers as well as the costs.
Our engineer team could provide the customize service. You benefit from an individualized solution without additional expense. Just like you do from maximum consulting and the perfect design for your single-stage or multi-stage gearbox.

We have been learning the skills in the field of precision gearboxes from Neugart company, hoping that we can also excel like them and provide customized services to more customers.
Available as gearbox only or combined with the range of BLDC, PMDC, Stepper motors or Inovance Servo Motor. For more information and sizing support contact us at sales@ichmo.com​​​​​​​

Advantages of The Products

   This precision gearbox series is combined the economy design with good performance
   We have the option of selecting the deep groove baal bearings. Low-frictin bearing is good with high output speed. The larger bearing on the output allow higher axial and radial forces
   The compact profile also allows it to be used in limited spaces
   High efficiency of gearboxs means that it always runs reliably and more powerful in your equipment
   An attractive and fair price is also our target.

Classification of Products

Product Features

Economy Design
Deep Groove Ball Bearings
Equidirectional rotation
Low Cost (50% of big brand)
Any Type of Output Flange
Planet carrier in disc design
Coaxial Gearbox
High Ratio Variety i=3 up to i=512
Low Backlash ≤ 0.5°


Wide Type of Output Shafts
Smooth output shaft
Output shaft with D-cut
Output shaft with feather key
Internal and External Splined output shaft
Output shaft with mounted pinion
Cutomized Shaft
Optimized clamping systems
Coupling clamping system
Clamping system for motor shaft diameter(interference fit)
Standard lubrication
High and Low temperature lubrication
Input Connection
Motor adaptation
No motor adaptation – universal flange
Mounted Pinions
Pinion with helical teeth
Pinion with straight teeth
   Planetary Gearboxes with Mounted Pinions is pre-mounted on the gearbox and secured with screws. This means that the compact unit consisting of the gearbox and the pinion can be quickly installed in the application, and less installation work is required.
   The integrated gearbox/pinion combination provides the best technical coordination for gear rack and pinion drives.
We provide high dynamics and high load-bearing capacities at the same time because of the precision gearing.

Product Application

Our Core Strengths on Electromechanical Sub-Assemblies

From Prototype to Production, I.CH Motion is your Single-Source Supplier for Contract Manufacturing and Electromechanical Subassembly requirements. Our custom engineered OEM solutions utilize I.CH’s expertise in process controls of precision components, gearing, assembly, testing, of precision motion control build to print as well as design for Manufacturablility practices.
Contract Manufacturing – Motion Control Assemblies
Precision positioning and motion systems
Fine-pitch, custom, and standard gearing experts
Specialists in gears, bearings, motors, precision assemblies
Unique engineered solutions from initial design to production
Manufacturing excellence and ultimate quality
Reliability in design, and total partnership with our customers
Vertically Integrated Manufacturing
Manufacturing and Assembly of small to large Motion Control and Electro-Mechanical Assemblies
Economical Gearbox Solutions
We have an excellent technical team, which can be designed according to customers requirements. More than 10 years experience in the field of reduction motor.Planetary gearboxes from I.CH can be designed in a wide range of variants by using a modular principle. As a result, customers benefit from an economical purchase price - without sacrificing quality.


We have an independent product design and R&D team, 
service team and professional quality control team. 
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We specialized in researching, developing and servicing electric motors, gearbox and high precision gears with small module. Read more >>



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