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  • Micro gear motors are widely used in various small-scale machinery and consumer products. Their compact size and high efficiency make them ideal for applications where space is limited. In this article, we will explore the wire winding techniques used in micro gear motors, with a focus on two popula

  • l The introduction and classification of the gear motor l The application of DC Geared Motor l Advantages of DC Geared Motor The introduction and classification of the gear motorThe gear motor is a mechanical transmission device generally located between the prime mover and the actuator.

  • Dear customers,Our office and plant will be closed from 19th.Jan to 27th.Jan for our Chinese Spring Festival Holiday.We will be back on 28th. January.May your business grow and expand everyday.Wish you the very best for the New Year!Best RegardsI.CH Motion Co.,Ltd

  • The electric awning motor is somewhat similar to the electric curtain and shutter motor, both of which are small reduction motors with a voltage below 24v;It’s mainly used in the technical accessories for the recreational vehicle market. Such as awnings and enclosures for Motorhomes, Caravans, Van C

  • In order to diversify the company's products, we have developed new product - Gear Racks. The rack is a kind of strip part matched with the gear. It is equal to a segment of the circumference of a gear with an infinite diameter. There are many teeth evenly distributed on one side, which mesh with th

  • Good news !We past the new ISO9001 quality management system certification enables the certified information to pass the "National Certification and Recognition Information Public Service Platform"http://cx.cnca.cn/CertECloud/index/index/page”Publicity,Our company's quality management system meets t

  • Customize Planetary Gearbox Speed Ratio 10 for Automatic Cutting Tool• Gearbox Type: Planetary Gearbox with Straight Teeth• Gear Ratio:1:10~1:100• Matched Motor : Brushless DC Motor , Servo Motor from Inovance, Yaskawa, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Fuji, and Dongyuan• Reducer Size: 60mm• Application: Food

  •   In mechanical manufacturing, there are many gear processing methods. According to the principle of tooth profile travel, it can be divided into forming methods, such as milling teeth on the milling machine with a milling cutter; generating methods, such as hobbing gears on gear hobbing with a hob.

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