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Electric DC Gear Motors: Brushed Planetary Gear Motor is an electric motor that uses direct current to power itself. The motor consists of a stator, which is the stationary part of the motor, and a rotor, which is the rotating part of the motor. The stator contains an electromagnet, which creates a magnetic field. The rotor contains a set of magnets, which are attracted to the electromagnet in the stator. 
This interaction between the electromagnet and the magnets in the rotor causes the rotor to rotate.Brushed motors are typically less expensive than their brushless counterparts and are often used in applications where cost is a major consideration. However, brushed motors are not as efficient as brushless motors and require more maintenance due to the brushes coming into contact with the spinning commutator.

Gear Blank Processing

Automatic gear blank machining lathe was imported from Japan. The high precision gear blank machining is the most critical process in the process of precision gear machining. As the precision benchmark of gear machining and testing, the inner hole of gear blank needs high precision, including roundness, roughness, dimensional tolerance, etc.

Small module precision gear processing

Small module precision gear processing equipment is equipped with high-precision fixture tools. By the specially customized cutting tools and process technical, it can machine gears of various materials such as engineering plastics, non-ferrous metals, alloy steel and stainless steel. 

Installation of gearbox output gear

Installation of gearbox output gear assembly with overload protection function and commissioning of clutch protection torque. This relates to a torque adjusting structure of a gearbox, which relates to the field of electric tools, which comprises shaft, telescopic spring, threaded sleeve and torque cup. 

Precision Gearbox Efficiency Test

The test equipment is suitable for gear reducer, especially for the comprehensive performance test of precision reducer. The reducer could be Spur gearbox and planetary gearbox. This is our self-developed testing equipment. We can design different testing equipment according to different application. 

Planetary Gearbox for Servo Motor

- Gravity load gearbox (15~30Nm)
- Transmission efficiency >90%
- High Precision,Low Backlash,Low Price
- Fully customized design scheme
- Adopting a rolling friction design (using ball bearings) to minimize transmission mechanical losses
- Easy assembly and excellent maintainability
Application area: Food Beverage, Printing, Agriculture, CNC Machine, CNC Automatic Tools

The inspection of gear rack

The inspection of gear rack mainly depends on the tooth profile, tooth pitch and flatness. The best inspection method is to use the CMM, so that all the data can be obtained intuitively. However, subject to the time and place, it can also be tested with an outer micrometer and feeler gauge.

Professional gear testing equipment

Fully automatic CNC gear testing center
Precision detection of micro gears: Minimum detection range m=0.15 and Ø3.0mm
Contact scanning of gear shape, tooth straightness, each tooth pitch and so on. Determine the comprehensive accuracy of the gear
Live display of detection results and judgment

Two Speed Planetary Gearbox

Medical grade stainless steel, with super salt spray corrosion resistance, acid corrosion resistance and high temperature stability of 1000℃ Class ISO6 precision micro-gear runs smoothly. Medical grade quiet effect. Transmission efficiency more than 90%. Unique dual-speed ratio output structure design.
We specialized in researching, developing and servicing electric motors, gearbox and high precision gears with small module. Read more >>



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