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Facing Epidemic, Chinese DC Motor Manufacturer Has Resumed

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Facing Epidemic, Chinese DC Motor Manufacturer Has Resumed



  In the Spring Festival of 2020, the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia spreads nationally and globally, which caused prolonged shutdowns in the electrical motor factory



  Bai Wen bo, Deputy Secretary-General of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, says, the impact of the epidemic on the Chinese manufacturing industry is mainly manifested in time. The factory has to stop production for a long time, which disrupts the production plan. From raw materials, supporting parts and spare parts, if having a problem in one link, the entire industrial chain could not continue.’



  From the entire motor industry, this epidemic makes only the production delay for a short time, the prospects of development are still as usual. In response to these impacts, what we must first deal with is not to guarantee production, but to ensure safe and healthy. Then, base on this premise, we should protect production.

I.CH's Solutions:


  So far, as the epidemic situation in china has been well controlled, workers have returned to their posts. We have fully resumed the production of small DC gear motor and gearbox. First all, what we plan to do is to complete the previously delayed orders as soon as possible. We planned to finish all delayed orders before March 20th. Our supplier chain was also back to normal production.

  However, at present, different countries have made different logistics and imports and export regulations to deal with the epidemic situation, which may cause some shipments to be delayed. But, I.CH will deliver the customer’s goods as soon as possible.

  If you have needs for small DC gear motor in short leadtime with good price, please contact us freely. We will complete the production task of motor and delivery as soon as possible.


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