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The Introduction of DC Gear Motor

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The Introduction of DC Gear Motor

    Structure of DC Gear Motor:


  DC gear motor is composed of a frame, Magnetic pole, Commutator, End cover, Bearing, and Brush device. DC motor can be divided into two types according to whether there is a common brush commutator: Brushless DC motor and Brushed DC motor.

 Difference between DC and AC Gear Motor:


  According to the power supply, the gear motor can classify DC motor and AC Motor. The gearbox equipped on the motor is a DC gear motor or AC gear motor, which is used to regulate the speed of the motor and generate output torque.

  The construction of AC gear motor is less complicated than DC gear motor. For not having steering gear and brushes, so it has a simple structure, convenient manufacturing. It is very easy to make a high-speed, high voltage, high current motor.

    Advantage of DC Gear Motor:


  DC Gear Motor is the technical crystallization of the transmission industry and is highly scientific and technological.

  DC Gear motor adopts series and modular design, has a wide range of adaptability. At the same time, it can combine various motors. According to actual needs, choosing any speed and various layout methods.

  DC Gear motor has lower space, is reliable in use, can withstand a certain overload capacity, low energy consumption, and superior performance.

  DC Gear motor has small vibration, low noise, uses high-quality forged steel material, cast iron casing. The newly sealing device has good protection performance and strong adaptability in the environment such as corrosion and humidity.

    The function of Gear Motor:


  1, Reduce the speed and increase output torque at the same time.

  2, Reduce the speed and lower the inertia of the load at the same time.

  The gear motor is used in the low rpm and high torque transmission equipment. It uses a gear speed converter to reduce the number of revolutions and get a large torque.

    Type of DC Gear Motor:


  1, Harmonic Gear Motor:

  Using controllable elastic deformation of flexible elements to transfer motion and power. Small size and high precision, but the advantage of the motor is a limited life and not resistant to impact.

  2, Planetary Gear Motor:

  The structure of the motor is relatively compact. It has a small backlash, high accuracy, long life and is easy to maintain.

    Consideration of Choosing DC Gear Motor:


  1, Economic Choice:

  Generally, the price of imported and domestic motor is different. Also, considering the cost factor, the price of the imported product is lower than domestic.

  2, Type Selection:

  According to the type of gear, DC Gear motor has many sub-types. Such as DC planetary gear motor, DC spur gear motor. In the process of selection, before considering the price, the consideration of application and parameter is required.

  3, Selection of Power:

  The choice of gear motor is determined by the production. That is to say, by the power required by the load. The equation is: motor power = torque / 9550 * motor input revolutions / speed ratio/ use factor.

  4, Selection of Speed:

  The speed of gear motor is close to the synchronous speed and the speed of the magnetic field is binned by the number of pole pairs P. The principle of speed selection of gear motor is that the speed is close to the speed of production machinery to simplify the rotating device.


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