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The Introduction of the Awning Motor

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The Introduction of the Awning Motor

The electric awning motor is somewhat similar to the electric curtain and shutter motor, both of which are small reduction motors with a voltage below 24v;Its mainly used in the technical accessories for the recreational vehicle market. Such as awnings and enclosures for Motorhomes, Caravans, Van Conversions and Camper Vans. With the diversification of application, the geared motor will also be different. The customized electric awning motor usually has the characteristics of low energy consumption, low noise, efficiency, no wheel jamming, long life, closed structure, etc;


The 32mm planet gear motor that I.CH manufactures integrates a brushless or brushed motor with a planetary gearbox, designed for the vehicle accessories market,medical and industrial field. For good characteristics of the planetary gear, it can withstand heavy-duty.


To help you know more about the product:

 1,Don't store motors under encironmental conditions of high temperature and extreme humidity or in an atmosphere where corrosive gas may be present, as it may result in malfunction.Recommended environmental conditions: temperature of +10~+30 degrees C and relative humidity of 30%~85%.

2,Don't leave motor shaft locked while power is applied,as even a short-time lock-up may cause excess heat build up resulting in buring damage to the motor depending on its specifications.

3,Motor life mainly depends on the operating state (mounted state, load, and encironmental temperature etc.)

4,Motor life may be affected adversely by heavy radial load such as produced by rotating eccentric cams, ect., and also by vibratio given from outside. Do check over such negative factors by testing the motors to the actual operating conditions in your application products.

5,Be careful and prevent any liquid from flowing into the motor. The inflow might cause a failure such as defective starting.

6,If other problems appeared in application, please contact the technical person for help.


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