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What are the application fields and advantages of DC geared motors?

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What are the application fields and advantages of DC geared motors?

The introduction and classification of the gear motor

The application of DC Geared Motor

Advantages of DC Geared Motor

The introduction and classification of the gear motor

The gear motor is a mechanical transmission device generally located between the prime mover and the actuator. The gear motor has overall compact dimensions, good lubrication conditions and high efficiency. Due to its low noise, long service life, safety and reliability, the reducer is widely used. Nowadays, the reduction motor has become a special part and is designed and manufactured by the suppliers. The commonly used geared motor has been standardized. The structure of the reduction motor varies according to its type and application. The general reduction motor is composed of the gearbox, gearshaft , bearing, lubrication and sealing devices, reducer accessories, etc.. There are many types of geared motors, which can be classified as gear reduction motors, planetary gear reduced motor, worm reduction motors and worm-gear reduction motors according to different transmission conditions.

The application of DC Geared Motor

DC geared motor can provide lower speed and greater torque in actual use, greatly improving the utilization rate, and it enjoys a variety of types and specifications of products, which can meet the production requirement of different industries. Its uses and characteristics are as follows. DC geared motors are widely used in the steel industry, machinery industry, etc., and also in the field of office equipment,financial equipment, electronic locks, remote control toys, automobiles, medical devices, consumer electronics, household appliances, electric glass doors and windows, etc..It is also very suitable for high-precision electronic balances, such as multi-head weigher, Dynamic weighing system. Apart from that, they are also used in top-dish weighing scales for trade and certification, electronic weighing scales, waterproof designs and counting scales,weigh-price labeller etc.

Advantages of DC Geared Motor

I.CH DC Reduced Motor Service:

  • Professional gearbox design software to provide the most reasonable scheme according to the demand

  • High efficiency reaching up to 90%

  • High cost performance based on same Torque

  • Different voltage is optional, such as 3V 6V 12V 24V

  • Different diameter is select-able such as 22mm 32mm 36mm 60mm


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