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New Product - Gear Racks

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New Product - Gear Racks

In order to diversify the company's products, we have developed new product - Gear Racks. The rack is a kind of strip part matched with the gear. It is equal to a segment of the circumference of a gear with an infinite diameter. There are many teeth evenly distributed on one side, which mesh with the gear and turn rotation into movement, or turn movement into rotation. A rack is a long strip with teeth on one side, which can be considered as a section of a gear with an infinite diameter. According to these advantages and characteristics, it can be matched with the gear on the output shaft of our motor.


The material of the rack is widely selected according to the application. At present, most of the racks are made of S45C medium carbon steel or SCM440 chrome molybdenum alloy steel and stainless steel. In addition to metal materials, in order to meet some special needs, the processing materials of the rack can also be cloth, wood, plastic, nylon and other materials.


The application of the gear racks I.CH Motion produced is various, such as follows, 

M4 4 Eyes Light Nylon Gear Rack for Sliding Door or Automatic Gate,

Customized Gear Nonstandard Rack and Pinion PA Rack Gears,

Pinion Gear CNC Rack and Pinion Round Helical Gear Rack,

M4 Automatic Sliding Gate Tooth Metal Steel Gear Rack


I.CH Motion has the fully self-developed reducer pinion combination ensures the perfect technical fit of rack and pinion transmission. The integrated reducer pinion combination ensures the perfect technical fit of the rack and pinion drive. With its precise gear transmission, many solutions can provide high-level power and load capacity. 

For more introduction you could find on our hot sale gear rack product website,

Customize Spur Gear racks bevel gear racks Carbon steel and hobbing steel and stainless steel




We could also provide customized service according to your special requirements about the materials,specifications, treatments and painting.


We have an independent product design and R&D team, service team and professional quality control team. Welcome to subscribe.
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