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Customize Spur Gear racks bevel gear racks Carbon steel and hobbing steel and stainless steel

• Rack and gear matched together 
• Mould from M0.5 to M2 
• Standard and special rack
• C45 steel • Hear treatment 
• Different painting
  • 500mm-2000mm Spur Gear racks

  • I.CH

  • Spur Gear racks

Key Characteristics of Gear Rack

As we all know, the longer the rack, the more difficult it is to control deformation. For the rack with a length of more than 800mm, if the straightness is to be kept within 0.1mm, the rack blank can only be achieved after several times of stress relief, and the process is relatively complex. We can also maintain the straightness through special processing methods, such as electric discharge (wire cutting), so as to avoid the cumulative error caused by gear grinding.

Gear Racks Application

- A gear rack is a straight or curved row of gear teeth that mesh with the teeth of a pinion gear. 

- It is a linear or straight-toothed gear, essentially a gear cut into a straight, flat surface.

- The motion of the rack is linear (straight-line) and is typically used to translate rotary motion into linear motion or vice versa.

- Gear racks are commonly used in applications such as CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines, linear actuators, and in some steering systems.

Gear Rack and Pinion Gears

A gear rack and pinion system is a fundamental mechanical arrangement that converts rotational motion to linear motion and vice versa. It finds widespread use in various industries due to its efficiency, precision, and versatility.

      Gear Rack

I.CH can provide one-stop automation services, including servo motor, precision gearboxes, pinions, and gear racks.

I.CH precision gearbox can pre-mounted the pinions, to match the gear rack working.

Specifications about Customize Spur Gear racks bevel gear racks

Mod. Hp HexS L
500 1000 2000
Teeth No. Lr Weight(kg) Teeth NO. Lr Weight(kg) Teeth NO. Lr Weight(kg)
1 14 15x15 159 449.51 0.82 318 999.02 1.5 636 1998.05 3.1
1.5 15.5 17x17 106 449.51 1 212 999.02 2 424 1998.05 4
2 18 20x20 80 502.65 1.4 159 999.02 2.7 318 1998.05 5.4

                                                                  Mechanical Dimensions
Spur Gear racks



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