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Economy Planet Gearbox 2-stage High Ratio

  • Economical design in 2 Stages with large speed ratio over 400:1
  • Gear inside are made of powder metallurgy but price close to plastic gears
  • Planet gears in first stage connect to two planet rings
  • D403K

  • I.CH

  • D403K

Main Parameter

- Torque: 10 N.m ~20N.m customize

- Speed: 14 rpm ~ 100rpm customize

- Estimated mechanical power: 10W ~20W customize

- Maximum average voltage after PWM: 10V~24V DC

- Maximum average current available: 3.0 A ~ 6.0A

- Available current profile:

For the start of the motor the current can go up to 20A maxi during 100ms

EMC standard: IEC 61000-4-2

Structure Options

1) Brushed DC Motor + Gearbox

2) Brushed DC Motor + Gearbox + Brake

3) Brushed DC Motor + Irreversible gearbox

By irreversible we mean that the gearmotor can work as a brake, that needs the cogging of the motor with a high gear ratio can perform this function.

Motor with Two Stages Planetary Gearbox

Reducer Structure Highlights

Only two stages but with Large Ratio over 400:1, each one composed by three planet gears, one planetary carrier, one sun gear and one ring gear. First stage is different from second stage. The planet gear of second stage is shared with two ring gear. One ring gear can rotate. On each side of the gearbox, two flanges are screwed in the main ring gear.


a roller shutter application (home automation) need a gear motor with high speed ratio over 400:1. This gearmotor is assembled in a tube to be tubular motor and its output shaft is directly connected to a wheel driving a roller shutter

Material specification

To be cost-effective planetary gear motor

- First stage : High-precision and high-strength powder metallurgy gears or plastic gears

- Second stage: Metal gears


The gearmotor has 2 cables or with a connector.

- Cable length: Customized

- Connector: Customized, such as MOLEX, JST, AMP or others

To avoid collisions with the tube, we use the wires to come from the bottom of the motor, not the sides. Hereafter, two examples of shapes:

Motor with Two Stages Planetary Gearbox

Temperature environment

- Operational temperature range: -20°C / +70°C

- Storage temperature range: -30°C / +70°C

Mechanical Dimensions

The technical drawing is for your reference.We could provide customized service according to your special requirement.

Motor with Two Stages Planetary Gearbox



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